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Accordion Ready!!
19th March 2019  
Renamed "Trails" to Accordion, and fixed up the rules so they're more in line with the proper game.
A few quick tweaks and a change to the "Game Over" parameters, which also required the drawing of a generic trophy icon!!

Accordion is now part of the ShoeBox, overwriting what used to be "Trails".

The game now brings up a little Trophy on the bottom left, if you've got less than 5 piles remaining (+ whatever's left in the draw deck).

The Accordion rules state that any leaps should be "over 2", not "over 1" like I had it with Trails, so in order to make things a little less frustrating, I've also included classic (left and right) Trail as the third game mode for Accordion. That probably won't help newcomers, but will at least my own frustration with the new rule, having gotten used to the old one!

Thanks to otherwise unknown Alan for the tip-off.

You can Play ShoeBox of Games here. Accordion is in the Card Games menu.

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New games every week!
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