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Hello Alan
20th March 2019  


I'm not THAT unknown. I'm the one that pestered you about rss

Oh, THAT Alan! Hello, Alan!!


Actually I've daydreamed many many times about implementing Accordion with the ''cards are spread out in one line'' variation (I thought having them in a semicircle would look nice), but I always get bogged down in analysis paralysis choosing game engines and such.

Having started this new Shoebox framework, a lot of little ideas are now starting to form, which previously I'd avoided.
Games that involve GUIs are no longer as scary, since I already have the foundations laid out. (But I HATE doing menus!!!)

True, I still end up having to coding things like "Lift x object", and yesterday's Yahtzee GUI was horrific to try to fit onto all the different screen resolutions, but for the most part the basics are there and things should more or less run smoothly.. ( .. They never do)

But, yeah, trying to find the right language to do this all in has been hard, and only recently have I learned that Javascript has matured enough that it can cope with my insane plans!! Creating Foldapuz-Unfolded was quite an eye-opener in that respect.


Today's coding is going to be about Audio again.
I think I'll re-attempt the "All in one big wav" thing. I'm now starting to think that the "starts at a different point if you change the pitch" might be fixable if I reset all pitches when setting the start and end, and THEN changing the pitch, once it's started..
I'll have to experiment with that a bit, to see if I'm right.

As well as that, I also need to add some extra sounds, for dice rolls (they currently use the card flappy sounds, and that ain't right!) as well as future things like pieces moving around a board and that sort of thing.
I'll probably record real sounds for those, as they'd no doubt sound better, so I'll be having to dig out a dice or two, and click them together a bit!!

A fun day ahead!

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