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Audio Refined
20th March 2019  
Moved audio from many single .wav files, into one large "Audio Spritesheet".
Crikey, that got big, fast!!


All of Shoebox's audio is now contained within a single 600kb .wav file, with each sound being stuffed into a little 0.5 second box.
I've opted to make them all the same length, to allow for easy audio-padding, as well as the fact that all browsers seem to support "0.5 seconds" properly!!

The pitch issue is now seemingly gone, so .. um.. *shrugs*
I'm now wondering if the "pitch issue" was actually certain browsers not liking the precise audio positions that I was previously setting.

Either way, most stuff seems ok now, but .. As always, let me know if anything sounds a bit wonky, and in what browser, and on what system.

Thanks all!

You can Play Shoebox of Games here.

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