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Musical Mood
  21st March, 2019
I spent about 3 or 4 hours playing around with KORG Gadget, last night, and managed to create another couple of ALChoons for future Friday postage.


This morning, I awoke to learn of today's Google Doodle which celebrates the life of Bach.
The "doodle" allows you to plop musical notes into a 2-bar stave, and then click the Harmonise button, at which point it will use AI to create a Bach-inspired harmonisation around your little melody.
It's really quite powerful, and works alarmingly well.

Here I've placed the basic "Manic Miner" melody, and it manages to come up with some neat little harmonies around it.

It also lets you export the result as a midi file, which you can then import into KORG Gadget, and ...
: Download

So, um.. Yeah! Fun!!

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