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Four in-a Row
  22nd March, 2019

You can play Shoebox of Games here.
Four in-a Row is now in the Misc section, but might be moved into the Board Games section at a later date.


"Hey, that's not a board game!" I hear you cry.

I guess it "is" marketed as a board game, but the way it works doesn't use anything that I coded in the boardgame functionality. And you aren't "really" playing across a grid, with dice, in a board game style.


Still, it is the first "vs AI" game that I've added, so be sure to push the AI to its limits and let me know whether you think it's too easy or not. I think I could probably do better, but.. As a first attempt, it's not too bad.

In addition, I've added a two player mode, but I'm not sure how to "score" that, just yet. It currently counts the same "Win/Lose" depending on whether Orange wins vs Blue. I might add separate "Orange Wins" vs "Blue Wins", and maybe add a reset button to the score panel.

The two player mode is entirely "On the same system", and works well if you sit aside player 2, both playing on an Tablet between you.

In the future, I'd like to look into "proper" multiplayer options, but right now I'm not really sure how that could be done, since the games are running in a browser. Hmm..

Anyway, 4 in a row. It's in the Misc section.
Let me know how you get on.

You can play Shoebox of Games here.

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