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The Ever Changing Sounds
30th March 2019  
Further tweaks to the Card sound effects
If you're a frequent reloader of Shoebox of Games, you might've noticed the sounds of the cards being switched out, about half-a-dozen times, over the course of yesterday.


Various filters, trims, cuts and more were done in order to try to get the right feel for the game.
After a whole bunch of iterations, each one requiring an upload to the server and a test through various speaker/headphone setups, I think I've now settled on a nice selection.
The "lift" sounds are MUCH quieter, now, and the "deal" sounds have a nice light flappiness to them. (Just like every good bird deserves.)

I've also made the dice sound a little bit lighter, but.. I'm not quite happy with those, just yet, and will probably tweak them a bit further, today.


Snakes and Ladders is coming along well, but I'm also trying to keep everything as reusable as I can, so although it seems as simple as "draw player counter here", it ends up being "place object, here, which resembles the entire contents of the inventory of the player"
There's a lot of back and forth between drawing routine, and the giant arrays, and I'm trying to find the quickest/most optimised way to do all of that in as simple a fashion as I can.

Hopefully all of this work pays off, and future board games will be as simple as "Here's the rule.. Now be a game!!"

.. It won't, though. It's never that easy.

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