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Player Select - Half done
1st April 2019  
Fixed up the style of the Player Select, and added load/save of the settings
With a little imagery on the buttons, things look a lot more functional, now.


The functionality should (hopefully!) be fairly obvious and easy to work.
Please do let me know if you understand everything upon first use.

Function goes like so..
Big square buttons toggle the player between Off, Human and AL.
The corner circle buttons will flick between the 8 available token colours. You might even like to play in teams, but there's really no way to tell between players if they're the same colour.
Then the big button in the middle will start a game.

The settings are saved, so if you and a couple of friends want to play a few games of Snakes and Ladders, it'll all have been stored, ready for reuse.

1. Names. I've reserved 3 characters for each player, and they all currently default to "PLR"
I need some kind of onscreen keyboard, next.

2. Scoreboards. Instead of the typical "Wins x/y" value, I'm going to have to make a proper scoreboard of sorts for "Party Mode"

3. Better "Next Player" functionality. It currently just jumps straight in, but I could do with maybe a popup that says "X player's turn" or something. Hmmm..

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New games every week!
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