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A man in a game!!
20th November 2008  
With random spawning added, and basic weapon upgrades up and running, the game's getting much more like a game, now.

Basic Bog-Standard Arena


All L's Break Loose

We're getting there, now!!

But there are so many more things that need tweaked.
For starters, I've not got the enemy progression working right. At the minute, each level will start off with the little ant guys, and slowly slowly slowly increase to the big fellas. Then stop. There's no additional breeds, there's no quicky progression type levels, there's no "Start on a hard alien" settings, and they all need to go in before the game's even half decent!

And, although the spawning now occurs in over 13 different layouts, they're happening purely at random, with single-bad guy spawning occurring next to "100 enemy encircle you, ready to pounce" spawning.. It looks messy, and isn't a nice "single -> batches" type progression like the last one.

Most of that stuff, though, will be added once I get working inside the editor. And, so far I've still no idea what form that'll take. I'm not even sure how to setup half the stuff inside an editor!! Could be fun trying to figure all that out!

Once I've got all of the above working, I'll probably post a little playable single-level demo. Then I'll get to work on the frontend stuff, bundle in the editor, the control schemes (ugh, forgot about that!! That'll take another day or two!) get some nice level display work going, and..

.... Then I have to setup the scoreboards!! Eeeek!!!

Plenty more work to be done.

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