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Added Names
2nd April 2019  
Added a Party Mode scoreboard, and also added names to the Party Mode screen, too.
Hmmm.. Kinda works!!


Right, there's now a nice little scoreboard for wins/losses when you're playing "Party Mode", which should help you keep track of who's won however many times.
Be sure to use the Trashcan to reset values before you start, whenever necessary.

You can select up to 4 players, with or without AL, and using the little letter-board, you can drag and drop letters onto a player to set their 3-letter name. (yes, only 3 letters per player. I didn't want to overcomplicate the screen!!)

I'm fairly happy with the style, except that when playing on a tiny phone screen, you can't really tell what letter you're picking up.. The letter ends up under your big stumpy finger, and that's as much as you get to see.


I tried making it "REALLY BIG", but then it looks stupid on Tablet and Desktop versions.
What I could really do with is a way to tell the screen's size, but I'm not sure that Javascript has any kind of way to tell that.

Investigation needed!

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