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4th April 2019  
Yesterday's "Making a List" post asked for suggestions for other games which might fit in with the Shoebox.
Let's have a look at the comments!!


Adrian suggests..
Baby furniture

And then gives us a link to where we can find some baby furniture..

..No, wait, that's just Spam, isn't it?!


Well then, on we go, unplanned as usual.

I think I'll probably tackle "Jack Change It", today. I do enjoy that game, but quite how I'm going to handle the AI, I'm not sure, so it should be an interesting challenge to get it all up and running.

Jack Change It is the original game that UNO is based on, so although I'm technically doing an UNO clone, it should be noted that I've only ever played UNO on the X360's Arcade Pack, and that in reality I've been playing Jack Change It with friends and family.

The game has a lot of "House Rules" associated with it, so perhaps today might also be a good day to attempt to tackle those, too.

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New games every week!
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