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Continued Hands
  6th April, 2019
Today's hopefully going to be the last little bits of the reusable "Hand of Cards" code.


I'm fairly sure it's functional enough to be reused in different places, but I'm slightly worried it might yet break if you end up with too many cards in your hand!

I've accounted for 100 cards, and honestly can't imagine a scenario when you have more than that, but.. Rare instances will always crop up!
For now I'm going to stop worrying about that, and focus instead on getting the current game (Jack Change It) working.

I've also made a special function that lifts the "Place" deck, leaves the top-most card, shuffles it, and puts it back in the "Draw" deck's place, when the Draw deck runs out of cards.

To be honest, there's not a lot of the actual game working, though.
You can slap a card on the Place deck, but it doesn't account for any rules, nor do the cards have special functions, yet.
Then there's the AI to contend with, too, and trying to get the ALs to play at a decent difficulty level.

Plenty to do!
Game should hopefully be ready to go later tonight. I think.. Maybe!

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