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More of the Same
  7th April, 2019
The "Jack Change It" game now more or less functions in a vague way..


The players take turns, cards are picked up when no moves can be made, and the first player to use all of their cards is the winner.
I've actually played a few games, and it does indeed seem like things are working, but without any kind of animation for when AL's placing a card. (I definitely need to add that.)

There are also no "Special Cards" added, yet. 2s don't pick up two, 8s don't miss a turn, Jacks don't change anything.

That'll be today's task, and also adding some kind of onscreen notification to say "You're about to pick up two.. Either do that, or play your 2 card to pass it on.."
Which is kinda wordy..

So, essentially, I "only" need to write....the entire game, now that the basics movement code is in there!!
Should be easy!

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