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  7th April, 2019
If player plays an 8, the next player has to miss their turn.. Unless they also have an 8, in which case they can play that, then the next player has to miss their turn.

Currently trying to code that, and it is NOT easy!!


Once I've done this, I need to add a similar rule for "2 = Pick up Two" and "Ace of Hearts = Pick up Five".
Those should function the same way as the 8 does, both requiring some kind of onscreen dialogue, as well as locking down which cards the player can play with, before adding a reluctant "Oh, ok.." button if they can't counter the attack.

After that come the Jacks and Kings, which will need an even more complicated dialogue to ask which Suit/Value should come next.

This game is spiralling out of control!!!

.. I might give up, for now, and make something simpler, and come back to this later!

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