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OK, Now What?
  9th April, 2019
Cardagain seems to have worked out ok, but what comes next?


I'll probably take another look at Jack Change It, today, and see if that's doable. I figured out, last night, that a good way to do things would be to have an icon over the top of the Draw Pile. That way when you need to "Pick up Two", it's immediately obvious what you're doing.

I'm still not 100% on the CPU play, though. The game is starting to feel a little bit "It plays itself", which is one of my bugbears of Card/Board games on computer.
Trying to find that nice middleground between "things fly around too fast and aren't all that interactive", and "things are boring, repetitive and slow because every event needs to display something to the player."

Certainly something that I've had to tackle a fair number of times before, and .. rather worrying.. something I haven't yet found a perfect solution to.

So, yeah, I'll look back at Jack Change It and see if I can fix it up.
Any solutions I create, here, will likely be reused in future games, so I'm going to have to think up something rather amazing, I reckon!!

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