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Cardagain Thoughts and Memories
  9th April, 2019
Memories of Cardagain, and comments from RSKGames
Lots of comments, lately, as the Shoebox has essentially thrown any kind of regular AGameAWeek schedule well out of the window.
I should probably look into fixing that, and getting back to a more regular schedule.


RSKGames has submitted a few thoughts on Cardagain, so let's have a post about that!

You can find Cardagain in the Shoebox, under the Misc section.



Cardagain looks so simple but requires a great deal of focus as the number of cards increase. Only managed to reach till 8 cards, so close to a win but so far.

It can certainly be a tricky game to keep up with. Hopefully the first couple of "4 cards" rounds is enough to get people into it, and help them learn the basic rules.

I've since considered that I might make the "Win Rule" be something more along the lines of "You have to beat at least one round with 3's in it", but .. A) That's a bit wordy! and B ) That's a bit hard!!

So.. Maybe not!

A memory game with a sequence twist that requires a Sequential photographic memory to beat it.

Absolutely! It's like the game Simon, but if the buttons all moved around, too.
The game concept is really simple, but not necessarily an obvious one.
I used to do a lot of things like that.
.. I should get back to doing that, some day.

I guess implementing this game for Shoebox collection will give it a much longer life.

I clearly remember spending ages trying to get an engine up and running on iOS (I only had an iPod Touch, in them days!)

View on YouTube

Aaah, the memories.

View on YouTube

June 2010 seems so long ago!
Learning how to get sprites to draw onto the device natively, without OpenGL/GLES/Metal or anything like that. Just drawing with the absolute barebones drawing commands available at the time!
Both Cardagain and Stringy Things were coded using these "simple" techniques.

Of course, all of that came crashing down the moment I finally laid my hands on an iPad and realised that my code was horrifically broken on there.
I then gave up writing my own engine, and opted to use Cocos2D for the next few games, with SpikeDislike being the first of those.

So long ago!!

.. So, yeah, fun days with an ever changing set of goalposts, which still haven't stopped moving to this day.
At least with the Shoebox framework, I can (hopefully!) account for most things, what with it being simple Javascript that's doing everything.
But, time will tell, and no doubt Apple's next move will be to block any/all browser games, just to tick me off!!!


You can find Cardagain in the Shoebox, under the Misc section. You can also play it in the browser of your iPhone or iPad, without bizarre scaling issues!!

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