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10th April 2019  

Anonymous Jean-Michel Jarre Fan


Suggestion: when the cards are shuffled, add a longer pause to give players a chance to learn the new config. As it stands the cards flip over way too quick to remember what was where.


Cardagain's current speed is set to my gameplay liking, and although it's good enough for me, I can understand that it might be a little bit too quick for the older generation who are fans of JMJ, and who can't quite cope with things being all fast and twitchy.

Poor old people.

This is a game-specific option, and I definitely need to implement those somewhere in the engine.
For this, and for various other card and board games that have "House Rules" in their gameplay styles.

I think, today, I should probably try to figure out where and how those are going to be added into the engine.
I'm currently thinking of adding another button to the bottom left of the menu, so that when you go to select a game mode, you then have Rules to the top right, Erase to the bottom right, and Options to the bottom left.
It's getting a bit cluttered, though..

Maybe putting the erase button in the options screen would help?
And perhaps even the rules in there, too?

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