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Finishing Ludo.. There's Movement To Do Though
12th April 2019  
I'll probably be spending most of today working on the actual gameplay of Ludo.

It should hopefully be a relatively simple game to get going, but ensuring that each tile is correctly followed, and all the rules work as they should, will of course be paramount.
The game requires each player to more or less have their own route around the board. Although they're all the same, but rotated, it means that each player needs to have a different progression grid.
Whereas Snakes and Ladders was a simple 1-100, this is going to be four different 1-57's (If I counted that right) which also includes diagonal movement at the middle points! Eeek!!

But .. It should be alright. I think.
I might wimp out and hard-code all those positions, though. That might work out a little easier.

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