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House Rules
  25th April, 2019
I added that function for good reason, and Alan seems determined to make me use it!!


Alan continues..

Real life board games designed in the past 15-20 years have all abandoned the ''land on target by exact count'' mechanism, as far as I know. The only specific game I can think of right at the moment is _That's Life_

If you don't need an exact number to land on the last square, then why should you need an exact number to land anywhere else? Why not just set a rule where, you can pretty much ignore what the dice/card says, and stop anywhere you please?

Surely the whole point of having a dice/card give you the value of a move is that you need to follow what the dice/card says, not just do "roughly" what it says, but stop anywhere that gives you an advantage!
And, surely the advantage of having won the entire game, is one of the most important bits of the game.

More "recent" games let you stop, because they also have other scoring mechanisms. The money you've collected, the cards you've earned, things like that. Those make the winner a little less than "The first to the goal", and so it doesn't really matter who actually ends the game. They aren't necessarily the winner.

But in a game where ending = winning, I feel there oughta be a teensy bit of a challenge in doing so.


Time to add some House Rules!!!
I'll add a option to the Rules page, but .. What to call it?

"Goal Landing : ()Exact ()Any"?
Seems nice and short, but is it descriptive enough?

Do you have any better suggestions?!

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