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The Big Cache Update
  25th April, 2019
v0.9185 - I think I've solved the chaos of Caching!
A fairly large update, this morning, as I'm fairly confident that the caching is now working like it oughta.


There's still a really dumb delay between when I upload the update, and when an iPhing decides it's time to recache the file.
Having said that, the thing now at least appears to be working.

In iOS (12.2, both in-browser, or as an "Add to Home Screen" App)
In Chrome (74.0.3729.108)
In Edge (44.17763.1.0)
In Firefox (66.0.3 (64-bit))

You should now be able to visit the site, see a nice new "..:Loading:.." caption, and then ..
Disconnect your internet!!

You should then be able to play the games whilst offline, and hopefully it should've managed to cache everything correctly.

Please do let me know if you spot anything unexpected.
Any and all errors are important!


Note : The menu for "Rush Hour" is currently quite a bit broken, as I'm halfway through adding the new "Level Select" functionality. Feel free to send feedback if you do have a play, but be aware it'll probably be quite different by the time it's all done!

Update : I think I've finished making this menu, now! Feedback appreciated!

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