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Flipped Puzzle
  25th April, 2019
v0.92 : Added a clone of the old Nintendo DS puzzle game, Polarium
New game added to the Shoebox!

You can find Flipped Puzzle in the Extras section.


This is an absolutely blatant rip-off of the excellent Nintendo DS launch title "Polarium", which I'd completely forgotten existed until the other day when I was making Reversi, when it wandered mysteriously back into my mind.

This is also why I awoke at 2am yesterday, thinking about ways to get a Level Select up and running!

Anyway, the idea of the game is simple. You must draw a snaked line, moving horizontally and vertically through the grid, flipping over tiles as you go. Trace a single path which will leave the grid with horizontal stripes, each of a single colour.

The game can be quite tricky on Normal and Hard modes, so be sure to make your way through a few Easy levels to get your mind into gear, first.
(..Ooooh, Gears... Mmmm...)

The game will show up whenever v0.92 decides to appear on your device of choice!

You can play Flipped Puzzle in the Shoebox of Games, under the Extras section.

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