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OK, Now What?
  26th April, 2019
So, the Shoebox now has Level capabilities.. That's nice!
I'm tempted to add something like Quadoban, or maybe a Kee-Bo-Ard, but that would definitely be crossing the border between physical and arcade.. I might need to come up with some way to mesh the styles together, somehow, and create a brand new sort of game.


Meanwhile, the three main sections (Card, Word, Board) are starting to get a little neglected, so I think I should probably focus on those three, first.

Maybe a card game?

I'm also slightly tempted to rework that first menu screen, so that I can fit a few more categories into the engine, and then shuffle the games around a little so that they "fit" a little better.
Like, why are Four In-a Row and Reversi in the Misc section, when they could really be considered to be Board games?

If I made Chess, that should go alongside those, but .. Chess in Misc? That doesn't really make a lot of sense.

At the same time, however, I'd rather not add menu upon menu upon menu, so putting a "Strategy" folder inside the "Board" folder would be kinda silly.
Instead, I'd rather have Board and Strategy sitting side by side on the one single main menu.

Thoughts on categories, and names for those categories, and possible styles of menus are, as always, quite welcome.

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