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Back Breaking
  26th April, 2019
I can't fathom this stuff out!


Android's Back Button "should" function in an app-happy way, but unfortunately, it's happening in a browser-happy way, either reopening the previous webpage, or even closing the browser/Bookmark-App.

I've gotten Escape functionality working on the desktop version, but am struggling to get the Back button stuff to work.
I *think* I'm supposed to add fake browser-history notifications into the thing, as the player navigates around the menus and such.
That won't make a lot of sense to people using the "app" in a normal browser, as they'll see oodles of odd bits and pieces in their "Back-History" stuff, but..

I've tried about half-a-dozen methods, today, and nothing so far seems to have worked, so. Yeah.. I think I'm going to have to overcomplicate this particular solution!!

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