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Golf Solitaire
  28th April, 2019
v0.942 : Added Golf Solitaire, a much less evil game than yesterday's Castle one
Golf Solitaire isn't nearly as bad as Beleaguered Castle Solitaire!

You can Play Golf Solitaire here in the Card Games section of the Shoebox.


The object of the game is easy enough.
A card is dealt to the "Green", and you have to place a card from the table onto it. You card should either be one higher, or one lower, than the card on the Green. Suits don't matter.

If you can't manage to place any cards, you can unveil the next card from the draw deck. But be aware that, in this game, the draw deck doesn't refresh, so you only have a limited number of goes before it's game over.

If you manage to get all your table-cards onto the Green, you win!

You can find Golf Solitaire in the Card Games, where you might even be able to win a game! (Unlike yesterday's evil Castle game..)

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