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Next Game?
  29th April, 2019
I think it's probably about time that I get "Generic unbranded crossword game" into the Shoebox..


Today I'll be making a start on that. A board, a way to fit the player's tiles onscreen, and then try to figure out a decent AI strategy.

I'd love to add in "Party Mode", but I'm still unsure of how best to hide other player's tiles from each other. Maybe just a black screen with "X player's turn" written on it!!?

The AI's probably going to be the hardest part of this. Although Anagrams and Word List functions are in the engine, it's still going to be tricky to get everything working in a way that AL also searches for best placements and things like that.
I'll probably just aim for "at least it works", before tackling the trickier stuff. .. Build AL up, as I go.

Sounds like this might be complicated!

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