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Continued Crossing
  1st May, 2019
You know when you spend hours working on something, then look back at what you've done, and go "What on earth did I actually do?"
.. I did that, yesterday!


Tweaks and nips and tucks galore. Lots of background stuff to ensure that the Crossword-Game works as well as it should.
I've noticed, this morning, that I appear to have completely broken Ludo, so I have to try and figure out how I managed to do that, before I can get on with any more "Not-Scrabble".
Hopefully that's the only thing I've broken!

As I continue to build this collection, it's going to be tough to keep everything in check, so I'm going to rely on feedback to warn me whenever I accidentally break something, so please don't be afraid to shout at me!!

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