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Building a Crossword AI - Part Two
  1st May, 2019
Continued work on "Generic Crossword Game"

I've just had a fairly decent game against AL.
His AI's not quite up to much, but he is at least managing to play along.


In the pic above, you can see AL's just about managed to keep up. (As with all "vs AL" modes, the player is orange, and AL is blue)
There's still work to be done, making the AI a teensy bit more capable, as well as improving the overall GUI a little better. But otherwise the game's near enough ready to go. I'll probably leave the release until tomorrow, though, to iron out some of the sillier bugs.

AL currently gets completely flummoxed near the end of a game, when the tiles are running low.
Also, the blank tiles aren't working properly. They're acting as blanks, permanently, and I need a way to assign them to particular letters, once placed.

But otherwise.. .. Yeah, it's definitely getting better.

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