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Getting Cross at Words
  3rd May, 2019
I might need to rejig the way the WordList is held, to make AL's job a little bit easier.


The biggest bottleneck in the AI, right now, is when it has to scan the WordList for Anagrams. This *should* be fairly easy to fix, but it'll need the entire array to be held in memory twice. I'm not 100% sure that's a great idea, but. What the heck, worth a try, right!?

I think it should work.
I'm still not 100% sure on what to do about blank tiles, but so far AL is coping alarmingly well with them, and managing to play them as required. .. Which is really odd, given I haven't actually coded them in, yet!


Anyhoo, today's task. Reconstruct the WordList ready for more anagram work.

Might break compatibility with some browsers, though, as I'm really unsure how much memory I'm using, at this point.
Will require oodles of testing.

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