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GUI Stuff
  5th May, 2019
1. The "Swap Letters" dialogue. A secondary rack that pops up and lets you move letters into the Swap-Rack, before hitting the "Yep, swap!" button and having them be swapped, whilst you miss a turn.


2. The "Blank Tile Select" dialogue. A box appears with all the letters, and you pick the one you want to make use of. I also need to figure out how to draw those onscreen.. hmm...

3. Figure out a neat way to scale the board a teensy bit smaller, so that it allows the tile rack to fit properly on the screen, but without breaking the basic Board Game reusable functions. (probably a "gap" parameter in the function call)

4. The ability to shuffle your tiles about, whilst it's not your turn. (Currently the game hides the "Rack" from the screen when the AI's playing.)

5. The "It's X Player's turn" wait-screen, when you're playing against physical opponents.

Yup, a busy day ahead!

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