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Tries.. But not the word "Tries"
  5th May, 2019

Alan continues..

You probably have read up on these things already, but just in case you weren't sure, a ''trie'' is not a ''tree'', it's its own thing


Technically correct. A "Trie" and a "Tree" have many different styles.

But my mind sees things in their simplest form.
To me, a Repeat Until, a While Wend, a For Next.. They're all the same. They keep looping until a specific thing occurs.

A Linked List is entirely different to an Array, but at the same time, a Linked List is essentially a two-dimensional Array.. Perhaps 3, if you want to link backwards, too.

A circle, if drawn but limited to only 3 sides, is no longer a circle. It's a triangle. An equilateral one, at that.

And, everyone hates me for thinking this, but a Goto is not a bad thing, it's simply a jump to another point in the code.

A "Tree" is an array/linked list, where each item links to two "future" items. A "Trie" is an array/linked list, where each item links to more than two "future" items. No more, no less.

They're the same thing once I've coded them, in the crazy way that I've coded them!

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