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Nearing Completion
  5th May, 2019

*sigh* This really has been an effort to get everything into place!


The AI's still not the brightest, and I'm currently watching 4 AI players struggle to play their last remaining tiles.
I need to add a "If all the players have passed" Game Over clause!!!

In addition, a complete rethink of the Game Over screen needs to be done.

Whereas normally it does that "Swoosh : Game Over! Next Game!!" thing, in the case of "Crossword Game" it needs to do instead simply say "X player Wins", and then let you enjoy the end result. Analyse scores, have a good nosey at the board, give you time to take a screenshot for prosperity, things like that.

But the fact that I'm worrying about the Game Over screen is probably a good sign that I'm right near the end of this fairly large challenge.

.. I think!!

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