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Doing the Blanks
  6th May, 2019
Right, today I need to figure out how to do the blanks.
I'll probably need to use an extra chunk of array to draw them separate from the rest of the board. Draw plain blanks, then plop letters on top. I might even make them Font-based, rather than Tile-based.


More important, however, is trying to get the "Select a Letter" popup to work.
Yesterday's "Swap/Pass" functionality seems to have worked ok, but select a letter requires a whole screen full of letters, and a neat way to choose them.
I also need to reset the blank back to a blank blank if you lift it back up, so you can reselect a different letter.
.. Oh, the many issues with one single little tile.

And that's before figuring out how the AI should handle them.

Grrr.. Blank tiles!! RAWR!!

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