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  6th May, 2019
Little bugs all over, but definitely a productive day.


1. As the computer player attempts various words around the board, if using blank tiles, he leaves a leftover letter behind, for that frame!!
I need to add a clear-function inbetween the do and the draw.

2. The "End" still is very "And now the game has ended!" like other games, and instead needs a "Game Over - Tap here to end the game" sort of thing.

3. The "Words With Friends Mode" isn't working, because the scoring is different, and I didn't even notice until I plonked a J onto the board and got the wrong score for it. D'oh!

Anything else..?

I'll be playing the game repeatedly over the next few hours, and jotting down any more odd quirks that I spot along the way.
Hopefully I should be fairly near to completion.

I'll do the "Game Over" screen tonight, and hopefully the other two issues are easy enough to solve, without breaking things.
I also need to double check that I've not broken anything else, whilst doing this!
Hopefully not!!

Scrabble isn't easy!

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