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Finishing Touches..
  7th May, 2019
I'm down to the last few items on the todo-list.

.. Wasn't I down to the last few items on the todo-list, a few days ago!?


1. Bag Remaining Icon Done

Although a numerical representation of the "Tiles left in the bag" is displayed on the top right of the game, it doesn't have an icon, and could do with one. A simple bag icon should suffice.

2. See about leaving the player's Rack onscreen. Done

The rack disappears off the screen when the AI is playing.
Today I need to rejig it to stay-put, but only when no other Human players are also playing.
This may, however, cause all manner of stupid issues with the AI and also the main game routine, as you're busy shuffling letters around, whilst the AI's trying to do it's thing.
Will have to do a lot of testing for that.

3. Notify 2 : Skipped/Swapped/Passed/Etc (also should be able to reuse this for Jack Change, etc)Done

A larger notification than the usual one that appears at the bottom of the screen. This one should state things more important than whose turn it is, and should appear in the middle of the screen somewhere, but also dismiss itself fairly quickly. .. I think..?

4. "Another Human Player's Turn" pause screen.

This one should also be reusable, and should cause all gameplay to stop, until you hit a button onscreen (I'm thinking a little [X] in the corner of the screen or something.

This will function for all kinds of things, like whose turn it is, and also the "Game Over" screen for the crossword game, where you don't want it to just "End", and instead would prefer to have the gameplay last onscreen until you dismiss it.

So, lots to do again, today, but the game is most definitely getting close to the end of development.

.. Or at least, I hope it is, anyway!!

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