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Crossword Game
  7th May, 2019
v0.95 - Added a Crossword Game

Crossword Game v1 is now uploaded.
You can Play Crossword Game in the Shoebox, where you'll find it under Word Games.


There's still a few niggling issues to attend to, but nothing too major.

1. If the computer player attempts to use a blank tile, it won't always assign a letter to it, meaning you should then be able to reuse the blank tile as any other letter you'd like. It's a bit odd that way!!

2. In some screen ratios (eg, iPad in Portrait mode) the "Swap/Pass" button can overlap the board. I'm trying to decide on the best way to fix this without moving it elsewhere.

3. Although the "End game" does now calculate and add/subtract your leftover tiles, it does so quietly and doesn't tell you about it! You can analyse your scores at the end of a game to see it happen, but I need to create some kind of popup for it.

4. The AI is a bit dumb. I'll be attempting to upgrade the AI over the next few days.

If you find any other potential issues, as always, do let me know.
In addition, if I've unexpectedly broken any other games, be sure to tell me. I've yet to double check everything to be sure of that!

You can find Crossword Game in the Word Games section of the Shoebox.

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