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Uploaded to GameJolt
  8th May, 2019
For the sake of desperately trying to get a few extra sources of feedback, I've opted to upload a copy of Shoebox to GameJolt.

.. And, thus far, there's zero interest.. So.. Yippee.. :/


I figured that having a different set of eyes might help with a few issues that might be in the engine, but that all of the regular AGameAWeek players tend not to notice.
After years of putting up with my shoddy coding, you've all gotten used to my odd quirks, and bizarre gameplay decisions, and certain things will pass you by. I totally understand that this can happen, so fresh eyes are always helpful.

Hopefully the GameJolt crowd eventually latch onto it, and I can get a little more feedback as a result.

For today, I'll probably try to relax a little, but there's a couple of games I have in mind to keep me going. Not sure how well those will turn out, but it'll be interesting to see where they end up.

Oh, and I also want to completely redesign the main menu, too..!

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