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AL Got Harder
  8th May, 2019
v0.953 - Improved Crossword Game's AL quite a bit.

If you enjoyed slaughtering poor AL in the Crossword game, yesterday, you might find him to be a teensy bit more challenging, now.


A fairly significant rewrite took place.
Backup, Delete a HUGH chunk of code, Redo from Start.

Having learned a fair amount, the first couple of times, I was able to build it up fairly quickly, today. Although it still took another couple of goes before AL was behaving himself.

But.. Yeah, I'm fairly happy with how he turned out.

In the image above, I managed to get the word Rezones.. A 7 letter word over a triple word score.. And also the word Squat, also across a triple word score.

AL finished up being only 63 points behind. So.... um..

Good game, AL!!

Additional tweaks : I've recoloured the board. Hopefully it should now be easier on the eyes.

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