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Most of Alan's Stuff
  8th May, 2019
Let's go back over Alan's requests from this morning, shall we?

You can play the recent upgrades in the Shoebox, v0.956.
If it doesn't auto-refresh, hit the new [Cache] button on the top right of the main menu!


1. Place letters by click-to-pick-up-click-to-drop.

I haven't got around to this bit, just yet. I need a rethink of how the mouse-tapping works.. It "should" be do-able, but it might be a little over sensitive.. (see #3)


2. Placing a letter on top of an existing letter (that you have provisionally placed this turn) replaces it.

This should now work.

3. Clicking a provisionally placed letter returns it to your rack.

This should also work, although my "tap" sensitivity is fairly high, so you'll have to be quick with your taps!

4. Blue letters on green background are a bit of an eye strain for me.

The lighter green seems to help a LOT with this issue, or at least for me it does..
How 'bout you?

5. Running table of words played w/score, maybe. Maybe that's overkill.

Yeah, that's overkill.
Tap the player boxes!

You can play the recent upgrades in the Shoebox. You're after v0.956.
If it won't refresh, hit the [Cache] button on the top right of the main menu!

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