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A Day of Nothing
  10th May, 2019
Yesterday, I opened up the Crossword Code to start work on the other reuses of the game, and sat staring at the screen for around about half an hour.


I think my mind was on "Switch off" mode.
Throughout the day I attempted to fix up a couple of bits and pieces, but in general it was all a great big no-go.
Instead, then, I sat and played the games on my iPad.
I reached a highscore of 325 on Dice Rolls, earned a 127 on Score Rack, and even managed to beat AL a few times at Crossword Game. (Although, he also beat me a couple of times, too!!)

Today I should probably attempt to do something a little more productive.
Although I do have those two sub-games in mind with the Crossword Game engine, I'm not exactly sure my head's in the right space for them, so I might do a little side-project instead.

Not too sure, right now. We'll just have to see how it goes!

Alan says...

AL beat me pretty soundly this time. Some of the words in the dictionary are pretty ''out there'', though. Ky? Ann? Reh?

FWIW : All are permitted Scrabble Words according to this.

The Crossword Game features two distinct dictionaries. (Yes, two!!)
The primary one is the standard WordList that all the other word games use. These do indeed feature some pretty "out there" words, and I've been searching high and low for a more "correct" Scrabble word list. If anyone can find one, be sure to let me know.
SOWPODS and TWL06 are getting pretty old, now, and have some rather erratic words contained within.
Trying to get hold of a "Proper" scrabble word list is difficult, and/or expensive to do, so if you happen to spot one on your travels, be sure to let me know!

Meanwhile, the other dictionary in Crosswords is from the Google 10000 list.
This is the wordlist that AL uses when searching for possible words. He makes use of anagrams of his tile rack, and surrounding letters on the board, then searches the smaller list for possible words.
After that, the word is checked against the "True" WordList, and any accidental other words are .. purely accidental!!

This has the side-effect of occasionally creating some really off-the-wall words, but any words you see, you should be able to play yourself, too!

.. But, yeah, I really need to find a good "Main" WordList, to replace the oddball words that the game allows.

*keeps hunting*

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