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Shuffled Tracks
  10th May, 2019
v0.96 - Added Shuffled Tracks, a semi-clone of the old 8-bit Locomotion puzzle game.

A simple enough little sliding-block puzzle game, with a train!

You can Play Shuffled Tracks in the Extras Section of the Shoebox.


The train tracks have been shuffled around, and it's your job to repair them, so that the train can go all the way around in a loop, passing by at all the stations inbetween.

The "Easy/Normal/Hard" should roughly control how much of an initial shuffle the board gets, but isn't always exact, so .. Sometimes a Hard can be easier than an Easy. D'oh!! Such is the world of random level generation!
Still, it's a fun little challenge, and should prove a decent addition to the Shoebox.

You can Find Shuffled Tracks in the Shoebox under the Extras category, because it probably isn't realistic in the physical world.


Reason : I've had trains on my mind all week, since my Mum's off to York tomorrow to see Geoff and Vicky, from All The Stations. She's super excited about her day out!

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