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The Top Row
  13th May, 2019

RSKGames says..

The animation of the icons on transition from main menu to sub menu and back looks cool.
Except the board games sub menu in all other sub menus the first row icons are way over the top such that half the icon is hidden above.

Took me a while to figure out exactly what he meant, as the exact number of onscreen icons relies on all sorts of screen resolution gubbins..
.. But..


This has actually been an issue since day one, and you're probably already used to having to drag down the menu to reach the top. It's just that, previously, it was all one big vertical menu and wasn't really as noticeable as an "issue".
With things being redone to "fit", it's more obvious when they don't.

I know exactly what I have to do, to fix this.
Add a flag when you select a Section, then block it from going over the top of the screen when it "springs" upwards, but turn the flag off, as soon as it's reached the top.

Lazy Jay hasn't got around to doing that, just yet, but it's definitely something that's been on my todo list for quite a while. In fact, it's been on it since I first saw the issue way way back at the start of making the menu system!
Very Lazy Jay!! *slaps wrist*

I'll probably tackle that, today, then.. Since you're whinging about it
That, and maybe an Option menu, too?

Half the icons hidden in the top in the sub menu is only seen in the android chrome browser.

It actually shows up on any and all browsers, but only when the menu is tall enough that the top row ends up popping up off the top.
The issue is basically that the menu is so tall that when the function pushes it "up until it's away from the bottom", (note that the menu springs up from the bottom!) it ends up pushing it a teensy bit "too" far.

The menu scrolling limits suggest that the bottom can't go too high, and top can't go too low, but not that the top can't extend over the top of the screen, nor the bottom under the bottom!!
One of the really awkward things that I hate having to do. Scrolling can be really evil, sometimes!

Anyway, I *think* I have a fix method in mind. Should be fixable. .. I think!!

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