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Preparing for Code..
  20th May, 2019
In the Amazon package to my left..
A brand new Keyboard and Mouse.


Unless you count the laptop keyboards, I haven't bought a new keyboard since my Pre-Op days. At least 2011 since I last bought one.
As for a Mouse, I've been exclusively Laptop-Touchpad since 2012, so have barely even touched a mouse except for the few occasions I use the MacMini.

So, why buy a new keyboard and mouse?

On Thursday (Japan Time) "hopefully" Petit Computer (PetC4) should be releasing for Switch, in Japan Only (for now).
I've registered a Japanese account, popped some cash on it (hopefully enough) and have bought myself a keyboard and mouse that will (again, hopefully!) work with the thing.

From there, I'll be trying to figure out how on earth to use the thing, and will be attempting to get a version of SpikeDislike up and running in it.

I have absolutely no idea how well this is all going to go!

But that's the plan.


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