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Building The Quest - 001
20th May 2019  

And so, the Quest begins.-=-=-

I need a few elements to make this work, but most of the basics are already in the framework, as I've been more or less building up to this game.

Todo List

1. Draw better floor tiles.
2. Decide how best to draw walls and doors.
3. Create a selection of weapons or other such pickups.
4. Draw a series of characters for players and monsters.
5. Find a nice set of balanced rules that allow you to have an enjoyable game, but without getting too difficult.

As far as missions go, I'm thinking something like "Find the amulet in the maze" or "Save the X/Y character" or that sort of thing.
Nothing too complicated, but something that won't require "levelling up" between missions. Each mission will be its own.

So far the levels are generating fairly well, loosely based on the classic HeroQuest layout, but also more random.

I'll need to add objects in and around the level, as well as ensuring the maps are navigable, so will need to come up with a quick pathfinder to lay everything out.
Otherwise.. It's been a productive start to the Quest..

More to come!

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