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Building The Quest - 003
21st May 2019  
As I plough ahead without too much of a plan, I'm having to make a lot of quick decisions along the way.


What kinds of weapons will you be able to pick up?
Should I include "Magic"?
Does the inventory carry on to the next board?
Would multiplayer inventories be necessary for Party Mode?
How on earth am I going to do AI players?
What will the "fights" look like?

These are all issue I'm going to have to tackle sooner, rather than later, as I make my way through this game.

But I probably won't!


So, what kind of character and enemy sprites am I considering using?
I'm in two minds whether to reuse the original The Quest sprites. They've certainly had oodles of reuse over the years, but I really do love the way they look!
Plus, it makes sense to use them here, since .. This is really the game they were intended for!

I'll give them a whirl in the engine, later, and let you know how they turn out. I imagine they'll look like they fit, but you never know.
Plus, I have to decide on what I'm doing about the doors. They definitely need redone in some way.

Lots of decisions to be made, today.
I'd better get started!

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