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A Surprising Discovery
  21st May, 2019
Geeze, these are old!!



Actual renders, from, like, a 3D thing!!
IIRC, I probably used Truespace, as I got that on a PC Plus coverdisk around about that timeframe, and as much as I can vaguely remember doing these, I also remember thinking "Well, they'll be scaled down, so those horrendous tentures probably won't be too important."

They look awful when this size, though.

I've just tried them in the engine, and .. They don't work.

Which is a shame, 'cos it'd be nice to be able to reuse them, (especially after the work I obviously put into them, what with my 3D abilities being abysmal!) but they just don't suit the style, and .. Well, the perspectives are all over the place.
What was I thinking!?

Redo from Start, methinks.

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