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Redrawing Furniture
  22nd May, 2019
Today will be about redrawing furniture to suit the slightly new style of The Quest, or rather so all the furniture doesn't look oddly out of place!


I'm thinking that hand-drawn furniture will probably be the better choice, this time around, so as things don't clash.

Also, those doors definitely need redone, so you can tell what they're meant to be!

On top of that, I need to draw a bunch of items that you can pick up during your quest, and use those to form cards, which also need to fit on the screen somewhere.
Uhoh.. GUI stuff! Eeek!!

But, yeah, I think everything so far should fit into place.
I've done barely any coding, yet, but the game-rules that I have in mind suggests it could work reasonably well.

.. Maybe!!

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