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Petit Switch - Session Two
23rd May 2019  
I spent hours, yesterday, playing with Petit Computer on Switch.
I think I'm almost done with SpikeDislike, and the second session went much smoother.


Having gotten to grips with the interface, I flicked through the command list as well as I could, using the "Hit a letter, then see what autocomplete suggestions it comes up with"
I couldn't find anything for drawing sprites/tiles to one of the background layers. I might have to rescan all the commands, but I could only see things for drawing lines and shapes, not tiles..

Anyway, I opted to move background stars and grass tiles to the sprite system, and those appear to be showing up well enough.

Other than that, there were no significant hurdles to speak of, and most of the code session went smoothly enough that I didn't even jot down any little "pitfall" notes.

Today I need to do all the scoring, and the little Combo Timer bar thing, and then it should be time to upload it to the server, which I'll be making notes on.

So, yeah.. Plain sailing!! Good good!

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