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OK.. OK.. Concentrate, Jay...
25th May 2019  
I need to stop playing with Petit-Switch, and instead get back to regular AGameAWeek stuff!


Today's plan.
Finish all the artsy stuff I had planned for Quest a few days ago!
Then try to get some kind of movement code working, and once that's working, see about getting the generator up to spec.
It's currently throwing objects on the baord at random, but needs a better plan for those.. and the doors!!

If I behave myself, and get it all done, then I play on my Switch!
*slaps wrist*


I spent another couple of hours playing with the new PetitFramework, lasgt night, and worked out a couple of minor issues I had.
I'm now wondering how I should tackle dpad/stick controls.
I was originally thinking of doing my usual "stick = dpad" stuff, and combining both controllers into one, but then I realised that if the game warranted a 2 player mode, I'd need to rethink that.

Maybe just a setting in the thing?
I'm not sure..

I also haven't yet experimented with the different controller methods and options and things. It's currently "The joycons attached to the console, or nothing!"
I definitely need to look into that stuff.

Saving highscores/progress would be nice, but if I save as-is, then I think it'd upload the scores when it uploads to the server..
I'll need to read/translate how that's supposed to work.

.. Just need to figure out which bits to read!!

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