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Petit Switch - Session Seven - Experiments
25th May 2019  
The "Text Layer" seems to be rather limited.
I can print at any position, I can change the colour, I can change the font size..
.. But any changes made will affect the entire screen's worth of text.


I was hoping to use the Text Layer to do quick and cheap titlecards for games, but it looks like I'm going to have to.. *gasp* Draw logos!

Framework's building up nicely. I need to add an "Easy/Normal/Hard" option, but otherwise everything's as neat as it can be.
I've added a "Stick = DPad" function, which allows me to code for DPad, but have the left thumbstick work equally, if not better.
But since it's a simple variable, I can turn it off for anything that needs to distinguish between Stick and DPad.

I'm now looking into music.
Petit Switch uses MML, a really oldskool language for doing music.
I'm contemplating making some kind of music engine that creates MML strings as it goes.
I'm not sure it'll work, but .. It might, so it's probably worth having a nosey.

Other than that..
I think I forgot to do any Shoebox coding again.
Sorry, guys!
The Quest will continue once my mind seems to be back to normal!!

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