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25th May 2019

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Tonight I attempted to get a JMTrackr style music engine to work in Petit-switch.


The engine makes use of the fact that PetitCom4 does MML based music.
By combining sets of notes into a string, the MML will play that string back using a variety of Midi-style instruments.
Starting with a set of strings, with prewritten chunks of melody, I'm randomly picking them, popping them into a larger string, and then combining multiple channels of those, along with occasional Key Shifting. (Which MML can handily do with a simple K command)

Really, it's amazing how easy that was to put together, but now comes the much harder part..
.. trying to make it sound half decent, because it currently doesn't!!
Horrific midi instruments, all clashing with each other, and no decent integration to make a nice melody.

But it's halfway there, and given I only started this a couple of hours ago, that's not a bad state to leave it in for the night.

No doubt I'll be working on this all day, tomorrow!!

... I MIGHT attempt to make a companion editor, that outputs little strings of MML...
That might be handy.

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