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Today's Plan - More Music
  26th May, 2019
I think I'm making a music program..!?


Gawd, Petit Switch has certainly caused a bit of a detour, hasn't it.
Sorry, everyone. I'll get back to normal Shoebox service once I'm organised, but it seems my head wants to make a little Music player for Petit Switch first.

Nothing too complex, but something resembling a tiny tracker, or something similar, that can then JMTrackr-style randomise the music you've popped into the thing.
I'm not really sure how well it'll all work, but I'm hoping that the additional tune-tweaking will make for a better end result.

The resulting melodies "might" be reworkable into the C++ Framework, but timing may be slightly wonky, there!

I'd also love to be able to make a Web version of this, but there are further complications with the way Web Audio works. I'm not sure it'd be as effective.
Still.. .. Something to think about, right?!

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